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Murdering Mr. Edwards


Nominated for a 2019 Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction.

One obnoxious teacher: Twelves tales of his death.

Coffin Hop Press

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After #8

Life in Laketon #2
Young Adult novella

In Laketon, the saying is that hockey players either take away the local girls or leave them pregnant. It was always a joke to Kieran, until it’s his fourteen-year-old little sister who’s left behind. How could Sara be so stupid? What will they do?

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Back at You

Life in Laketon #1
Young Adult

14 year old Kieran has a temper.  After he gets in trouble with the law, everyone is Laketon is watching him.  He will stand up for what’s important, no matter the cost.

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Nikki Knox & the Line of Chalk

Short story

First, their nemesis Richard is missing.
Then body parts start arriving in the mail.
Can the power of great shoes save the day for Nikki Knox and her assistant, Kip?

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Nikki Knox & her Sidekick Kip

short story

Nikki Knox’s new office assistant is creating waves.  Can Nikki and Kip save their jobs?

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Nikki Knox & her Shoes That Rock

Short story

Nikki Knox struggles in a world that seems out to get her, until a blue box arrives with the power to change things.

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Grace Awakening Dreams & Power

Young Adult
Paperback novel
(Both books in one)

Fourteen year old Grace doesn’t know it yet, but she’s been around for three thousand years waiting to fulfill her destiny to become one of the Three Graces of Greek Mythology. Forces are battling for her love, her body and her destiny.  Now all she needs to do is survive the war.

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Grace Awakening Power


Grace has been sent to the Shuswap and must learn to live without her love’s physical presence in her life.  As the attacks increase, Grace faces a battle to accept her destiny and to save the man she loves, their life together, and the joy, beauty and radiance that fuel all artistic endeavours in the world.

Grace Awakening Dreams

Young Adult

Grace discovers the devotion of a love that has followed her through time.  She also discovers the evil forces that are determined to destroy her life in Calgary.  As she faces attacks and begins to find her own strength, Grace awakens to the other reality that her dreams reveal.

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